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Our monthly magazine is designed to bring you closer to our one stop shop for your global business needs our GoAGB portal. The magazine talks about our mission and vision. The content inside is enriched with numbers, statistics, and insights on retail, demand, and supply. You will also find information about the different AGB services and products that AGB brings exclusive from our global network to promote a global business culture of exchange and growth for SME.

At AGB we understand and believe that for each and every country/region the small and medium enterprise play the role of stitching the dots for trade and manufacturing and many time are vital elements for the larger business. They are one of the sources for cost management and skill and talent resource for the big fishes. Our aim is to place the AGB magazine as an information source for reaching and doing business globally. You will find prospect companies for business collaboration; information about markets that you can identify with and consider for your business growth and expansions. Knowledge about the regional business culture and about how to do business in a global region and across borders.

Our number crunching will bring you detailed insights on the availability of Talent, skills, and demands for product and services if you are a provider/buyer. For sellers, we have a similar information in our AGB magazine. our content about skills development, demand, and industry-specific training will be an interesting read for all. We will be orienting the content by regions and industry so that we can bring you flavors of the many industries and make the content interesting and a knowledge source for all business types.

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