Product Name:Purchase service





We also supply International Purchasing Agency service .We are very keen to establish long term relationship with your company,Some of the products we will be more comfortable to work with are as follows:
1.        Chemicals products including all kinds of Chemicals reagent (except plastic raw material).
2.        High tech products made in China.
3.        Vehicle fitting.For instance, Safety Glass etc.
4.        All kinds of mechanism made in China.
5.        Electrical Apparatus for industry,including whole set and fitting, cable and power transformer etc.
6.        All kinds of casting.
We do not deal with scrap and dangerous products (including all kinds of acid) and live animals
We are willing to accept all ideas and suggestions.Please feel to contact us to show your ideas and wishes.
In fact ,we can source not only the products listed above,but also any other product you desire us to source through our representatives,you just need to pay commission only.If you need any more information on global sourcing ,please do not hesitate to contact us.Our principle is “YOU CHOOSE ,YOU DECIDE.”